The Anti-Dating Campaign


Hello my fellow humans,

So today I realized I’ve been doing more Vlogs than written blogs and frankly it’s just not nice. This post is dedicated to my strong views AGAINST dating. Enjoy!!

Now, what girl doesn’t want to be woo’d and swept off her feet? I’m pretty sure majority of females want this. As do I… but maybe just not in the same way that others do. Is that really a bad thing?
Dating is an interesting concept. A concept which I perhaps just don’t understand. A concept which is created by society as ‘the right thing to do’.

1. Definition:

Of a couple, to be in the early stages of a relationship where they go out on dates to find out what each other is like, as a prelude to actually being a fully fledged couple.
Right- so firstly, “to be in the early stages of a relationship”– What relationship? Who said anything about a relationship? In my eyes an ‘early stage’ of a relationship, means you’re actually newly made Boyfriend & Girlfriend. A first date is SO far from a relationship. The fact that ‘Dating’ means you’re a couple is so wrong, I don’t like it and will never like it. Does that mean you can’t date other people? Would it be considered cheating if you date others?
2. Th Awkward First Date
I find this the worst possible situation. The sheer awkwardness of not knowing each other, not knowing what each other likes/ dislikes, his awkward first judging look at me “Oh you don’t look as good as you did in your picture” situation. Where do you go for your first date? Is dinner too much, is drinks too less, is lunch the right balance? SO many questions I need answering. My personal experience? Just awkward.

3. Is it Dating or Hanging Out?
I prefer to call this process ‘hanging out’, calling it a date puts too much pressure on the situation, for both parties. When the word ‘date’ is dropped into the equation I instantly panic and feel the immediate need to avoid it at all costs. Why? Maybe because I’m scared of the reality of a ‘date’, maybe I’m scared of the notion of actually liking someone, maybe I’m scared that if it doesn’t work it’ll be the end of the world. Yes, it’s wrong and very narrow minded BUT I like to call it- taking precaution!
By calling it ‘hanging out’ adds a sense of comfort and ease to the situation. It’s merely one person meeting another person as acquaintances and getting to know each other- the opposite of the definition of a date (Re-quote)a couple, to be in the early stages of a relationship“.

After speaking to many different ladies about this dating issue- majority have frowned upon my views. Actually- all of them did. I’ve just come to the conclusion that I’m Bridget Jones (without the bunny suit and the need to find love). Maybe one day I’ll ‘hang out’ with someone and it’ll be so great that I’ll wish it was a date. Emphasis on the word maybe.
For now- I’m quite content on being the leader and founder of The Anti-Dating Campaign. Join me please.

Over & Out,

N x



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