Who do you want to be when you’re older?


When asked at a young age “Who do you want to be when you’re older”.. My reply: “Beyoncé”
Many years, a few heartbreaks and one academic degree later, my answer still remains the same.
Why? Read on…

The most famous female in the world. The best performer of our generation. Proclaimed by other artists (‘Mr. Smooth’ himself, Pharrel Williams) as the most hard working individual in the industry.
Taking all of the above into consideration, don’t you just wonder what it would be like to be Beyoncé for a day? Okay forget a day, even a minute? Yeah me too, get in line punk.

Married to the most coolest man in history, whom she has an adorable baby with. Besties with another powerful man who lives in this big White House. And finally,  fan-girled by a crazy and truly disturbed Kanye West in front of the whole world…you can say Beyoncé isn’t exactly short of famous friends.

As I, like many others, claim to be Beyoncé’s biggest fan, having been to a whopping 5 concerts in my lifetime (counting Destiny’s Child days) I can swear on the all-powerful illuminati that I have NEVER seen one individual create the hysteria that she creates, just by breathing. Not because of her gorgeous blonde locks, or her perfectly sculpted face, but purely based on the talent she very passionately oozes. Every single arm movement, every voice note and every facial expression is awesomely natural yet perfectly calculated.

So why is this lady getting such a backlash on her recent performances and visual album? Believe it or not, I don’t have the full answer to that (shocking I know) But, what I do have is my own opinion which completely approves with her new direction. Why Nimi? I hear you ask…

Well… she’s Beyoncé. She can do whatever the hell she wants.

No one was complaining when she was running the world with girls, or reminding men how replaceable they are. To be classed in the same category as Rihanna, when it comes to explicit content, is a major exaggeration and slight insult…What I don’t like to do is compare artists- however, Rihanna isn’t an artist, so we’ll slide passed that predicament (Ooo, JERRY JERRY)!

The term ‘role model’ is loosely used nowadays. As is the notion of an ‘idol’ for younger generations to look up to. I haven’t quite figured out what Beyoncé is categorized as, but as a consumer of music, a professional in the media and lastly as a fan- it’s fair to suggest that she’s a rare breed of celebrity who doesn’t encourage bonkers behaviour.

Let’s just list examples of the most talked about females (not for the right reasons) in the entertainment world right now shall we?

1. Kim Kardashian, shot to fame after a sex tape, (classy). Got married for 72 days, got divorced from that Bug-A-Boo and quickly had a baby with another man.
2. Rihanna, a major Diva who’s career catapulted to new levels after getting beaten up by her then boyfriend (which is horrible and not to be wished on anyone) however she took him back, sending her fans what message?
3. Lady Gaga, a Beautiful Liar who claims her strange persona is to encourage creative art pop and expressing yourself, which actually means using it as a defense mechanism to feed your ever increasing need for acceptance.
4. Miley Cyrus, a little brat who was caged up for years but was a Survivor and finally released into the real world to cause riot and encourage girls to show as much skin as possible, dance provocatively and stick your filthy tongue out.
5. Lindsay Lohan, another young star gone wrong, with an open history of drug and Drunk in Loveaddiction and still getting paid millions to take part in a reality show to showcase those very issues. Figure that one out?

The list could go on…

So, to all those that claim my girl Bey has dropped her standards and is no good influence to society. I’d tell you to go back to the start, judge her by her humble beginnings, her incredible hard work and her constant grace and dignity throughout it all.

A final note- listen to her song “I Was Here” from her album “4”. This will not only give you an idea of what I’m talking about, but will inspire you to do the same.

Thank you London and Goodbye!
*cue screams of hysteria*

N x


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