Dear Kanye,


imma let you finish but there are some things we need to discuss.



You’re an incredibly talented rapper & a visionary fashion designer. The two achievements I always referred to when your name, Kanye West, was mentioned. Now? I refer to you as the trigger-twitter-happy rapper, an egotistically delusional fashion designer and the misogynistic husband of Kim Kardashian.


Don’t get me wrong, your recent words and actions do not take away from your talent in any shape or form but they definitely do hinder them. Where do I start? Shall we discuss your twitter outburst directed towards rapper Wiz Khalifa, naming and shaming his ex-wife (and your ex-girlfriend) Amber Rose AND speaking of their child negatively? Or shall we discuss the unnecessary lyrical dig towards Taylor Swift in your new song Famous? Or maybe your diva-like outburst secretly recorded at your recent appearance on SNL? Or better yet – your on-going plea to the world to get you out of your $53 million dollar debt, because of course, YOU are definitely the number one priority in a world full of starving children, an uncontainable worldwide migrant crisis and a planet that in essence won’t exist much longer due to our Global warming crisis. There are bigger issues in the world than you and YOUR world Kanye West.


Let me take it back a bit, what bugged me the most about your twitter outbreak towards Wiz Khalifa was how you downgraded Amber Rose and her child claiming “I own your child!” so confidently and unashamedly. In my opinion, no one is ever in any position to judge someone else for their past or present, what makes you think you’re an exception Kanye West?


This brings me onto your explicit lyrics directed towards Taylor Swift in your new song, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/why? I made that b**** famous”. Ironically, the moment you’re referring to is the moment YOU stormed the stage when Taylor was WINNING an award. No you didn’t make her famous, you made yourself look utterly stupid which led to your yearlong hideout from the world. Taylor would’ve made it either way.


Furthermore, you reached out to the billionaires of the world asking them to invest millions of dollars into you and your ideas to bring you out of your $53 million debt. You tweeted, “All you dudes in San Fran play rap music in your homes but never help the real artists… you’d rather open up one school in Africa like you really helped the country… if you want to help… help me… I promise I’m going to make the world dope…. all I do is make shit dope #facts…”
If I were a billionaire and if this was your pitch to me – unfortunately “all I do is make shit dope #facts” wouldn’t quite cut it. There are a billion things that would generously benefit from that amount of money to make this world a better place for you and your children to live in. What makes you think you’re at the top of that list?
Slightly ironic that you wrote a song about Gold Diggers, yet you’re the one asking Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars.


I’m genuinely concerned that people are taking your public outbreaks as entertainment and not acknowledging that you may have deeper issues. It also worries me that the people around you, i.e. your wife or the rest of your family aren’t stopping you from making a fool of yourself the way you are.

I really believe you could be a great influence on the world and your followers, but right now you’re trailing back to the year 2009 when you made the most horrific career choice of your life, when you first stormed that stage at the VMAs.
Please re-evaluate your choice of words and divert away from the crazy. Focus on the music, the fashion and your talent – nothing else and no one else.


From an ex-fan,
Nimi x



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