Everyone in this world has some sort of opinion (good or bad) of Kim Kardashian. She’s built a mega career on taking selfies, creating video games, being on a reality TV show and basically being in the headlines for sneezing.

The latest controversy surrounding the ‘KKW’ (had to add the W for West in case Kanye does a Kanye on me) – is her newest addition to her nude selfie collection. And you know what, let’s face it, Kim is like marmite, or in my case, Donald Trump – you either love him or you’d rather he didn’t exist. Shout out to all my Democrats.


The onslaught of abuse, bullying and damn right evil comments Kim received were followed up by an open letter from the reality Queen herself. If you’re not a KKW fan, that’s cool, but if you so much as care about the state of feminism and gender equality in this world and for the future, then it’s worth reading her letter.



She makes some valid points, which in effect shuts down all the haters in one shot. Some celebrities chimed in on the ‘anti-KKW-nude-selfie’ hype including the likes of comedian Bette Midler, Chloe-Grace Moretz and our very own Piers Morgan. I have to say when I saw the infamous selfie the first thing I thought was ‘oh god let the media frenzy begin but hey she looks AMAZING, go girl!’ and moved on with my life – which brings me to add, why do people think that they have the right to publicly shame or judge someone else based on their harmless actions?

Comments poured in, ‘bad role model’, ‘good for nothing always naked TV star’ or ‘why does the most famous woman on earth always beg for attention like this?’ – ironically as I read through the comments on KKW’s instagram post, majority of this slurring was from women – and that there lies the issue ladies and gentleman.


On International Women’s Day – a day solely based on rejoicing, celebrating and appreciating women for all that they are – turned out to be a day where women jumped at the opportunity to bash another woman.
As a woman, I may take my empowerment from my creativity or even my looks at times (I have no shame in admitting that) – some women gain empowerment from their intelligence – some women including Kim Kardashian West, feel empowered through their bodies, feeling comfortable in their own skin and beauty. Isn’t that what every woman craves for? Personally accepting their flaws and all and STILL feeling incredibly blessed and sanctioned?


One thing I will say is that if you feel as though this image is a bad influence on your child, then ultimately it comes down to how you explain the symbolism of the image to them. If you let them believe it’s just Kim K getting naked and craving attention, then one day in whatever situation your child may be in, they might think that’s the right thing to do. But as an older sister myself, with two naïve and impressionable younger sisters – it is my duty to explain to them the different outlets of empowerment for women, the importance of not degrading other women for their actions and instead teaching them to praise other women for their bravery, their successes and their flaws.


This blog post is more than just about KKW and her nude selfie. I’ve been brought up in a world where a woman’s body has been sexualised by society. I’m not saying women themselves haven’t been a strong factor in this, but I definitely see a shift in the last couple of years. Feminism isn’t to be taken lightly – it’s not a word to be thrown around just because it’s trending on twitter. It’s an action, it’s a belief and it’s a principle that should be instilled in one’s life.


Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women.


To all the ladies, women, girls who took 30 seconds of their life to degrade KKW for her selfie, I would ask you take 10 minutes of your life to read about Feminism and empowering women. How can we expect the world to see us as equal if we don’t treat each other as such?


Justin Bieber poses naked with a guitar and women praise his masculinity & charm – Kim Kardashian West poses naked and women hurl her with abuse, stigmatizing her of being a bad mother, public figure and all round woman.


C’mon ladies – we’re better than that.


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